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Cleaning Video Blooper Reel with Shawn Powell

Hello friends, I thought you might enjoy the reel, I know I did.  Andrew Braden did a great job of putting together some of our outtakes.

As background, we are shooting a video for our cleaning division, so we had Shawn play the role of Adam Smith on the golf course, who is giving a testimonial to the value of having a maid service.

My Top 3 parts of the reel: 1) Shawn looking like he’s sick trying to make his Scottish accent work on one of his first speaking parts, 2) me trying (and failing) to roll the ball into the hole from the side while Shawn is pitching it in, and I especially enjoyed the time where we see his ball and my roll at the same time, and 3) the beeps in between the takes.

What are your favorite parts?

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