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Cleaning Tips for the 2012 Holiday Season

The holiday season is a time for friends, family and celebration.  Getting your home ready for the flood of visitors, gifts and parties can be a hectic time, but don’t let the cleaning of your Utah home add to your stress.   Time, clutter and house guest are some of the biggest challenges to getting your home clean and ready for the holidays.
To keep the stress levels down, here are a few ways to keep your home looking its best.

Time – The holidays are busy with visiting friends and family, or running around to finish last minute holiday errands. Focus your time on cleaning the main areas of your home where guests will be spending the majority of their time. Pay special attention to your kitchen, floors and bathrooms.

Clutter – Clutter seems to present itself constantly during the holiday season. Keep your counters and common living areas free from unnecessary furniture, children’s toys and stacks of holiday greeting cards. Designate a place or area in your home where you can easily place these items so they will be out of sight and out of the way. A bedroom or office is usually a good place.

House Guests – Company is constantly coming and going throughout the holidays. Keep your home clean on a regular basis by having a variety of quick-clean tools on hand. Place a few of these items in the main areas of your home – bathroom, kitchen and living room for a quick clean.

The Holiday season is a great time to enjoy the people you love and know.  Keeping your Utah home tidy and clutter free will help keep the stress levels down.  If you find that keeping up on the cleaning is just too much or would like your home deep cleaned, the best household cleaning tip I can give you is to find someone else to do it.  Hire Glover Cleaning’s Utah maid service to handle all your Utah house cleaning needs and to help reduce your stress during this holiday season.

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