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Cleaning Drapes

Many times, people will clean every aspect of their house, carpeting, furniture, counter tops, and bathrooms, and overlook an essential aspect of their homes – the drapes! Drapes are the sort of addition to your home that makes your house look nicer and feel more cozy, but they are often neglected when it comes to cleaning time. This article will provide a few basic tips for safely keeping your drapes clean.

It is important to realize that drapes collect a huge amount of dust and dirt over time. If possible, it is best to clean them every couple of weeks. The preferred method for drapery cleaning is to use a small, hand-held vacuum with a brush attachment. Gently glide the vacuum over the drapes, making sure not to press so hard that they come crashing down on you.

Alternately, if your drapes are machine washable, you can put them in the washing machine. Be sure to check the tags on the drapes to verify if this is the case, and follow all washing directions on the tags. Normally, drapes are meant to be washed with cool water, on a gentle cycle. Hot water and rough washing cycles can permanently damage many types of draperies.

You can also remove your drapes from where they hang and take them outside. Gently shake the drapes out. This will remove a large portion of dust that has accumulated on them.

If your drapes have contracted some serious stains and you are unsure how to clean them, or you don’t have the time to clean them, there are professional drape cleaning services available that will safely restore your drapes to a clean and attractive condition.

Keeping your drapes in good, clean condition is a fundamental part of keeping your house in good shape. Follow this advice and you will have drapes that look, smell and feel as good as new.

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