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Cleaning Checklist Daily Upkeep Under An Hour

daily cleaningJuggling the world, with this easy to use daily checklist.


  • Wipe down all counter tops
  • Wipe down oven top & refrigerator
  • Dust all appliances
  • Wash all dishes
  • Sweep
  • Spot mop floors

This should only take 20 min


  • Wipe counter
  • Spray shower with self cleaning products & rinse
  • Disinfect toilet
  • Clean mirrors

This should take 20 min

Living areas

  • Vacuum main traffic areas
  • Sweep & mop entry way
  • Organize and put things away
  • Dust as needed

This should only take 20 min

Disclaimer: At first it might take longer than an hour to complete the checklist, depending on the size of your home. Try out the checklist for a week and you should be able to get the list finished in an hour or less.

Products I would recommend for maxim results: Windex, Clorox wipes, scrubbing bubbles automatic shower cleaner. Swiffer Wet Jet, & Ostrich Feather Duster.

Homes bigger than 2000 sq feet you should plan on adding a half hour per 1000sq feet.

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