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Cleaning a Closet

1. Pull Out What You Don’t Want Or Need – This doesn’t have to be a glum process—think of it as going shopping in your closet!  Try on the clothes you haven’t worn in a while. Would you buy them again? If so, they’re keepers. (They should fit, be in style, and not need major repairs.) As for the rest, donate or consign it. If your weight tends to fluctuate, get the clothes that don’t currently fit out of your closet and into storage elsewhere—maybe in plastic tubs in your basement. Remember: Your closet should be prime real estate, solely devoted to  clothes you currently wear.

2. Categorize

  • Hanging — pants, button-ups, shirts, long items
  • Folded – tee-shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts, jeans, shorts, sweats

3. Color-coordinate within each category- Arrange clothes left to right, white to black or light to dark.

4. Get matching hangers – When all your hangers are uniform you save space and have a great-looking closet. (I’m partial to those thin velvety ones; they’re compact, clothes stay on them, and they prevent unsightly shoulder bumps.)

5. Hang belts, ties, and scarves – A pull-out rack is ideal for hanging these items. It’ll save space and time and keep everything neat and tidy. Hooks work well too.

6. Use drawers – forundergarments, socks, hosiery, jewelry, and pashminos. Divider kits are a particularly handy tool for keeping socks and undergarments organized.

7. Use shelves – whenever possible. They’re better than drawers because items that are folded and stacked neatly on shelves or in cubbyholes are easy to access–you don’t have to go digging for your stuff. Shelves work particularly well for purses, jeans, tee-shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts, shorts, and sweats.

Having things clean and organized saves time.  That is what Glover Cleaning is all about, giving you back time with yourself, family, all the things that matter to you.  Coming home to clean and organized home makes life just a bit easier.

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