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Behind the Scenes Footage…

As Jim Nantz says, “Hello friends.”  Since we are posting some follow up information to our post last week about Shawn Powell’s efforts to make the Utah Open, and the sponsorship of him by Glover Maintenance, I thought that intro was appropriate.

The cleaning team at Glover Maintenance is working on an ad we’ll post to promote our maid services and such.  Since I wrote the script, in a miraculous and totally unexpected way, we found ourselves at a golf course as part of the ad.

We had Shawn play Adam Smith, the author of Wealth of Nations. Since he’s Scottish, I placed him on the golf course.  Anyhow, Andrew Braden is our director for the commercial and while they were working on the shoot, I took some behind the scenes footage.  Here are two of the better pieces, in my opinion.

Hope you have some fun watching!

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