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Bathroom Remodel

When someone visits your home, or is looking to buy it, it’s often the bathroom that makes the person decide whether he or she likes the place or not. It’s about comfort and well being, far more than just for cleansing necessities! As you embark on your home improvement project, it’s tempting to jump straight into the fun part – shopping. If you tend to buy things impulsively, such as fixtures and fittings or building materials that are on sale, you may find out later that the various components do not match or are technically incompatible. Without the proper calculations, you may even run short of materials. Such unpleasant surprises are unnecessary sources of stress and unforeseen costs. The better way is to literally start at the drawing board, with an assessment of your current bathroom, and the outcome you would like to accomplish.


Here are a few questions to consider as you get started:

1) What dissatisfies you about your current bathroom situation? Waiting in line for the bathroom sink or shower in the mornings? Or the traffic flow in or near the bathroom? Is it lack of storage, or a lack of elbow space? Or is it too dark? Or are your towels constantly damp?

2) What must you have in your new bathroom? These are the key Must-Have’s or Must-Not-Have’s that are motivating the change.

3) What would you like to have in your new bathroom? Consider these carefully in the planning phase, as they are easier to include in your plans looking ahead rather than in retrospect. Including these Nice-To-Have’s can make a real difference to your  personal satisfaction and accomplishment in the outcome of your bathroom remodeling.

4) And what budget have you set aside to accomplish this? Make a list of your aims and priorities. Get a sense of market rates by window shopping for products & services online as this will save you time and money and hassle.

5) Who will be doing the work? Yourself on a DIY basis, or with subcontractors for the plumbing, masonry etc, or professionals such as an interior designer to do the space planning as well. If you wish to tackle it yourself, consider your available time, tools, skills and interest as realistically as possible. Also, find out what building codes apply to the scope of remodeling you have in mind. If seeking a contractor or professional, get referrals and estimates beforehand.

You’ll soon realize there’s numerous design considerations, execution and project management aspects of the project, as well as a huge variety of bathroom furniture, fittings, finishes, and decorations to choose from…perhaps overwhelmingly so. But without a coordinated approach, you run the risk of exceeding your allocated time or budget and end up with the less than desired results. In conclusion, the key to successful bathroom remodeling is…Planning.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your local Salt Lake City Plumber. Thank you and happy remodeling!!

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