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Bathroom Deep Clean

Utah has a lot of big families, which means that they are sharing the bathroom among many people.  Occasionally you may need to give your bathroom that big clean to make the daily maintenance easier.  So here are some tips to give your bathrooms that extra deep clean.

The three most used items in your bathroom are:

  • Toilet
  • Sink
  • Shower/Tub

Cleaning the Toilet

Take a plunger and manually force the water out of the bowl.  This ensures that you don’t dilute the cleaning supplies that can be quite expensive.  Also, when you dilute your products you dilute their effectiveness as well.

Apple your cleaning product and let it sit for a couple of minutes.  Move on to cleaning fixtures or counters for now while the chemicals do their work.  After you have given enough time to loosen up any grime scrub the bowl with the toilet brush, if you don’t have one you should make the investment as it makes everything about cleaning a toilet much easier.

If you find that you can’t get that ring out in the bottom of the bowl you may need to scrub it out by hand with a pumice stone or you can use an acid toilet bowl cleaner – something you can get at Home Depot.

Cleaning the Shower and Sinks

Ideally you are wiping down the basics pretty consistently with disinfecting wipes, so the sink shouldn’t be too bad.  A good cleaning product is 20 Mule Team Borax for the sinks, showers, and tubs.  Just spread it out on a damp sponge and make a first swipe of the sink, shower, and or tub.  Let that sit for 5 minutes.  Rinse and repeat until you are satisfied that you have everything clean.

The Borax is a great cleaning tool as it is easy on the fixtures and porcelain in your bathroom, yet strong enough to get the job done.  It also carries the benefit of not having chlorine and phosphates, so it is safe for the family and the environment.

Getting rid of the Mildew and Mold

The best offense on mildew and mold is a good defense.  Taking the daily steps to stop the growth of mold will go a very long way to preventing a real problem later down the road.  Here are three steps that you can use to stopping the spread of mold and mildew:

  • After every shower wipe down and use an after shower spray.
  • Find ways to get circulation in the bathroom, either by leaving the door open or opening a window if there is one.
  • When you have to, use chlorine bleach when you find mold or mildew.
  • When bleach is used, make sure that the area is well ventilated.  Sometimes you may find that the stains are too tough.  Take a cotton ball and apply straight bleach to the problem area, rinse and repeat as necessary.

A deep clean is really all about sanitation.  The feeling of a clean bathroom is comforting for everyone.  Use daily maintenance to keep that fresh feeling every day, and a deep clean to make it easier.  We hope that you found this useful.  From everyone at Glover Cleaning, thanks for stopping by.

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