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April Showers Bring…Air Conditioning

Child in a raincoat and umbrella standing in the rainThe weather in Utah can be unpredictable, especially in the spring. It’s difficult to think about air conditioning when the skies are sunny one week and snowing the next. But you should be thinking about it now because getting ahead of the game has it benefits. If you’re planning to install a new central air system or replace your old one, now is the best time.

A big reason is comfort. When that first hot summer day hits, you’re going to want instant relief. You can’t have it if you’re AC unit isn’t installed yet. Yes, you can still call a technician but here’s what that process looks like.

First, they’ll need to determine the optimal size of unit for your home. If you get one that’s too small it will overwork itself on really hot days and freeze. If it’s too big, the unit will cycle on and off constantly, leading to inefficiency. To figure out what size you need a contractor will do a cooling load calculation. They look at window size and direction, floors, walls, ceilings, appliances, insulation, and more. All these things affect the temperature in your home.

Once that’s complete, you’ll pick a day to have the unit installed. It’s more efficient for a worker to install in the cooler months, especially for systems located in attics. Working in 100-degree temperatures with sun beating through the windows is tough and can take more time. The easier it is to install, the faster the work goes. Those savings might even trickle down to your wallet.

There is less demand in spring, so contractors usually have more time in their schedules. Once temperatures start reaching the 80s, those without AC get uncomfortable and the calls start flooding in. If you wait until then, it will be harder for a contractor to get to you right away.

Although most systems start working right away with no problems, there are rare occasions when some post-installation troubleshooting is needed. That could leave you waiting in the heat even longer. Spring time is still cool enough that you won’t be melting.

If you’re planning to install a central air unit or replace your old one, don’t wait until the first hot day of summer. You’ll be glad you didn’t when that day arrives.

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