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Employee Spotlights

Trapper Finch


Patty Patty

Trapper is the project manager and estimator for PHE Mechanical, our Plumbing/HVAC commercial install company. He is one of the kindest fellows you will ever meet!

Trapper has been with PHE for a total of 11 years- 9 years with PHE and 2 years since PHE became part of the Glover family of businesses. He is an indispensable part of PHE and an integral member of the Glover team. Trapper’s favorite thing about working with Glover is the good work environment. One of his greatest talents is arc welding.

Outside of work, Trapper is a handyman and an outdoor sports fanatic. He enjoys working on his house, tractors, dirt bikes, and other home projects. Born in North Pole, Alaska, Trapper has a natural affinity for fishing, hunting, and shed antler hunting. He and his girlfriend Linda enjoy these sports together as frequently as they can. One of Trapper’s aspirations is to visit Alaska and go salmon fishing. During baseball season Trapper can be found rooting for the Oakland A’s and when it comes to the NFL Trapper’s team is Dallas Cowboys all the way.

Trapper’s outgoing, hardworking, and integral personality is contagious. You just can’t help but have a great day and bring your A-game each day with Trapper around! Thanks Trapper for all you do!

Sean Matz

Defying Gravity

Patty Patty

Sean Matz is our Vice President of Operations here at Glover Services and an invaluable asset to the company!

Over the last four years Sean has overseen and orchestrated a fourfold growth of the landscape department. His biggest goal at Glover is to earn an award as a “Best Company to Work for” in our business category. What Sean loves about working here is that people matter, have fun, work hard, and do our best. Sean is a hard worker and likes to take a frown and turn it upside down by being fair and honest with people.

Sean is a family man. Any time he has outside of work he enjoys spending with his wife Kim and their five kids. Their family enjoys movies and are firm in the tradition of a live Christmas tree when the season is right. Sean takes pride in his fandom of the Kansas City Chiefs for over 20 years, and loves the NFL in general. When asked something unusual about him, Sean responds, “I can fly, like without a plane fly, I know most people can’t, so I guess that’s pretty unusual.” Unfortunately for the rest of the world, Sean insists that the secret of this accomplishment will go with him to the grave. (There may be a caveat to the honesty clause in the previous paragraph.)

Sean is one of the nicest people in the company and makes everyone he interacts with feel welcome in his presence. All of us here at the Glover family of companies appreciate Sean’s work and diligence here!

Patty Hernandez

Customer Satisfaction Guru


Patty is one of our top cleaners here at Glover Cleaning and we are grateful to have her experience and expertise on our team. Additionally, she is the Cleaning Employee of the Month for January 2014!

Patty is one of our crew leaders here at Glover and has been with the company for six years. Her goal at Glover is to be a professional cleaner and she achieves that goal every day! Her customers love the work she does and request her to come back and clean their home. We frequently receive compliments about Patty and her crew from cleaning customers. Just a few days ago one of our customers in Draper called to commend Patty and her crew for the “excellent job” they did at her home last week. Patty’s favorite thing about working at Glover is the customer satisfaction she helps achieve.

You may notice Patty singing while she cleans your home. Born in Honduras, Patty has a passion for dancing the traditional music called “punta” (look it up, it’s pretty neat!) and this passion comes through as she cleans. Patty loves to laugh, shop, and watch TV. She and her husband Eddie have two teenage boys, Eric and Marco.

We are so glad to have Patty on our team! Our customers who have seen her cleaning work will concur.

Oliver Barrett

Always Mr. Nice Guy

Oliver Oliver Barrett

Although Oliver has only been with Glover Plumbing Services for six months, he has already become a valuable asset to our team. His quest is to change the world, one smile at a time. His plumbing customers can attest to that.

Oliver is the face of Glover with every customer he comes in contact with. Having achieved the high honor of Master Plumber and with 20 years of plumbing under his belt, Oliver knows his stuff. He takes seriously his responsibility to represent Glover as a professional organization that will stand behind its work and word. Oliver’s favorite thing about working at Glover is the positive work environment. Some of his greatest strengths as a plumber are his problem solving skills and his energetic work.

Oliver has been married to his soulmate for a happy fourteen years. They are the proud parents of five wonderful boys ages 3 months to 12 years. Oliver’s family is the most important part of his life. While some of our plumbers are happy for extra work at the end of the day, Oliver wants nothing more than to get home to his wife and five sons. Some of their favorite family activities are bowling, fishing, and hiking.

We are thrilled to have Oliver as part of our Glover team! He is an asset to the company and to every customer he comes in contact with.

Jenny Beynon

Accounting Queen

Jenny Dave1

As one of our newest team members here at Glover Services, Jenny provides energy and job excellence to the office. She is our Accounts Payable and makes sure the mail we receive stays in check.

The mother of five children, Jenny went from a stay-at-home mom for sixteen years to working and going to school, all while raising happy, healthy children and maintaining a 4.0 GPA. Her favorite things about working at Glover are her job responsibilities and working with the humorous Glover team. She says, “When everything [and everybody] behaves and the numbers match up, I am thrilled!” Accounting is really her thing.

To complement her femininity, Jenny is the electronic guru and power tool warrior princess in her home. Some of her favorite gifts have been a weed whacker, a scroll saw, and an electric sander. She and her husband like to be silly with their family. Not only is Jenny fun-loving and a master of electronics, she has a very big heart and is currently caring for her 7-year-old niece in her home. She and her husband are excited to welcome a new daughter-in-law into the family this summer when their oldest son weds.

We love Jenny here at Glover because she is both highly competent and always brightens up the office. She makes it easy to smile and have fun.

Eric Bradshaw

Landscape Ninja

Dave1 Dave1

Eric is a star landscape team member and a very promising Jedi Padawan (read: nerd). His official title here at Glover Landscape and Snow is Landscape Ninja. His favorite things to do is sports.

In five years with Glover, Eric’s mastery of the force has helped him climb the corporate ladder to become the Department Manager of Landscape. His dedication and willingness to do whatever it takes is highly appreciated. Eric’s favorite things about working at Glover are the happy people and their remarkably high midi-chlorian counts. He also enjoys when anything comes up about sports.

In his home life, Eric enjoys playing sports with his family, watching sports with his wife and two children, playing Nintendo, watching Despicable Me (Gru is his main role model for fatherhood), and honing his Jedi Padawan (like we said, he’s a Star Wars nerd) skills. We may not have mentioned that he relishes the time he spends playing sports; his favorites are soccer, snow skiing, and all other sports. Also, he enjoys helping the needy, and teaching his children how to use the force to accomplish their homework quickly and perfectly.

We appreciate the light side of the force that Eric brings with him to Glover every day.

Josh Maughan

Living on the Edge

Dave1 Dave1

Josh has been with Glover and PHE Mechanical for four years now and he is loving every minute of it, especially the good atmosphere with the other members of his team.

Josh is one of our apprentice plumbers and is quickly on his way to taking over the plumbing industry with his vastly increasing skills and good looks. We have not verified but are sure that Josh’s wife endorses this message. By the way, Josh was married this past year and appreciated the fact that nobody in the company gave him a hard time about it.

When Josh is not installing wicked awesome plumbing he is living on the edge. He spends his free time riding motocross or zooming around on his bullet bike. When that thrill doesn’t give him enough air, Josh can be found free-falling from a plane or executing stylish, high snowboard jumps. He does, however, know when it is time to slow down: when the San Francisco 49ers are playing a big game or when he crashes on his dirt bike.

Dave Brown

aka “El Padre”

Dave1 Dave1

Dave Brown, our Commercial Maintenance Crew Supervisor out of our north office, better known amongst his fan base as El Padre, is outstanding for 3 reasons.

First, he takes the scriptures seriously. In Genesis, God tells Adam to “go to, and tend this garden.” That’s the only profession that God ever told anybody to have, as a gardener. Therefore, El Padre, followed that counsel and has become a professional horticulturist.

Second, El Padre can make anything grow. You name it, he does it. He takes the alkaline soils up north and has made our International Center contract blossom. Not to be outdone int he familial realm, he recently welcomed his sixth child (another reason he’s known as El Padre). We have it on good authority that he’s planning for a Baker’s Dozen.

Third, like Matt Savas in our Plumbing Department, his mad driving skills have taken him to the heights of tinsel town. He often doubles for such stars as Charlize Theron and Vin Diesel (he’s got amazing range).

El Padre makes Glover Services proud, and helps run an outstanding landscape department!

Matt Savas

Master Man of Mystery

Dave1 Dave1

Matt Savas has been with Glover Plumbing now for over a year. We’ll give you the skinny on Matt in two ways: 1) as a Master Plumber, and 2) Man of Mystery.

Savas received the designation of Master Plumber from the State of Utah. This means he is a fully qualified Journeyman Plumber, with some added special sauce. With his two decades of training in plumbing repairs, he rarely comes across a problem he can’t solve and hasn’t seen before.

As evidenced by the pictures accompanying this information, Mr. Savas can also regularly be found as a stunt double for Tom Cruise and other handsome stars. After his run in this Lamborghini, a refueled tank was required. But, his driving is about the only thing you’ll find that’s fast. When he’s servicing your home, you’ll find him methodical, highly communicative, inquisitive (he’ll ask a million questions), and a little bit nutty.

We’re glad to have Matt on our team. He’s a star, and we’re lucky to have him




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