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A Spa at Home

This is a little different than the normal plumbing posts of how-to’s and fixing a leak.  However, even if you’re not looking for a spa at home yourself, someone at home probably is.

We can’t all afford to go to the spa all the time – it gets expensive and you have to go to work, after all – but that doesn’t mean you can’t still get the same effect right in your own home. With some adjustments, your bathroom can offer you many of the same benefits of a spa retreat right there in your very own home, giving you a relaxing space to wash away the stresses of the day and emerge feeling energized and ready to take on the world again.

So, if the current set-up in your bathroom isn’t quite screaming “RELAX!” at you, it’s time to give it a makeover to soften it up and turn it into a sanctuary you can retreat to. Creating a new, more soothing look for your bathroom won’t just help you relax after work in a hot bath – it will also soothe you even when you are in there to get ready for work in the morning, because our surroundings have an effect on our mood no matter what we are doing.

With that in mind, the first thing to tackle is the ambiance in the room. That big, bright overhead light in the middle of the ceiling is good when you are performing utilitarian tasks like cleaning, but you need a softer light source when you want to relax. You can replace that light with a new fixture that has a dimmer switch so you can control how much light pours into the room. If that is not in the cards, the addition of a small table lamp with a lower-wattage light bulb will give you the softer lighting you crave without having to replace the big fixture. The addition of scented candles will heighten the relaxing effects, too, when you place them around the bathroom – they are a nice decorative touch that is inexpensive to include, and when you get them in scented with things like lavender, they are doubly soothing.

You can also make even the most perfunctory of morning ablutions a mini-vacation by getting a new shower. Today’s shower trends fit the needs of busy adults that want a touch of luxury to brighten up the day, and the offerings range from full-body light and massage experiences to the less elaborate, but still effective, massage showerheads. At the top of the heap are the showers that incorporate chromatherapy, a holistic art that uses colored lighting to relax or energize you. A system of fiber optics and halogen lights combines with numerous nozzles for the water to give you a total sensory experience during your shower that is designed to soothe you or give you an energy boost whenever you need it. Something like that will require a whole new shower stall, but you can still ramp up your current shower’s spa-like effects just by adding a new massaging showerhead – and some of these even feature self-cleaning mechanisms to prevent any calcium deposits that might decrease the power of the spray, so you get a massage during your shower without having to worry about cleaning it yourself!

Regardless of what you choose to add to your bathroom to transform it, creating your own spa retreat will make your days and nights easier by offering you a sanctuary to relax in that’s just down the hall whenever you need it.

At Glover Plumbing we want you to feel at ease when we enter your home to take care of whatever ails your plumbing.  So relax, go have fun we’ll get the work done.

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