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8 steps to deep clean your home

1.         clear the room: pick up/put away toys, clothes, remotes, ect….move small furniture & rugs. Clear counters & take down curtains (make sure to take down all shower curtains & take this time to wash them if possible)

2.         top to bottom: start cleaning from top to bottom. This will prevent having to re-dust everything 3 times. Start with the lights/ceiling fans, & make sure to vacuum & mop last.

3.         right to left: cleaning bathrooms, kitchen, family room, ect… right to left will help  build a pattern that can save  time and increase the quality of the cleaning.

4.         wall washing: spot wash wall first, then  take a rag and wipe them from top-to-bottom (use a magic eraser for tough stains, crayons, black marks, ect… IT REALLY WORKS)

5.         baseboards/blinds: vacuum or dry dust baseboards/blinds first, then hand wash baseboards/blinds.

6.         dusting: using a feather duster (use real ostrich feathers only) or a dry rag  dust all woods, countertops, knickknacks, appliances, railings, entertainment centers, bed frames, ect. Next step is to apply wood oil, stainless steel cleaner, or wipe  down the surfaces with  disinfectant towel.

7.         floors: sweep and mop all hardwood, tile, & linoleum floors. Make sure to double sweep and mop on your hands and knees.

8.         vacuuming: make sure to vacuum all corners, under the bed, & under any furniture that is  accessible.

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