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Slow Drainage? Clogged Drains? Sewer backing-up? WE CAN HELP!

When you are having problems with your drainage/sewer systems, the last thing you want to hear from your Plumber is that they don’t have the proper tools required to get the job done. We at GLOVER’S have the right tools; so we made a list of tools every plumbing company should have, so when you call a plumber you can verify that they can solve your problem.


1- Auger. An auger is often referred to as either a cable or snake. There are many varieties. If you have a secondary drain problem such as: a clogged kitchen sink, bathroom sink, tub drain, floor drain, or etc. they will need a smaller and shorter cable because the diameter of the pipe is smaller and the run of the pipe is most often shorter. If your toilet or urinal  is clogged they will need a closet auger. A closet auger has a rod that the snake will go through so the porcelain does not get damaged. If multiple points are plugged up you most likely have a blockage in your mainline. A good choice for the mainline would be a large auger because the diameter of the pipe is larger and the run of the pipe will be longer. Their are limitations to what an auger can do. They don’t work well with serious grease or roots in the line and they are limited by length.

2- Hydro Jetter. A Hydro Jetter works really well when an Auger will not solve the problem. When it comes to Jetting, size does matter (the minimum standard of a good Jetter is 15 gallons per minute at 2000 psi). Our Jetter can double that output, making it a very versatile machine. How it works is the Jetter head blasts water all around the pipe actually cleaning by scouring the pipe. They have special attachments for descaling, root cutting, or pushing a foreign object through the line. They also have a variety of hoses for secondary and mainline pipes. Many times the pipe looks brand new after they have been Hydro Jetted.

3- Sewer Camera. When you have your drain pipes serviced the only true way to know if it is fixed or if there is a serious issue is to run the camera. Cameras allow plumbers to have a birds eye view of the inside of your pipes. The best ones have a sonde that broadcasts a radio signal so the pipe can be located with out digging. When you have roots in the line we use our camera in combination with root cutting Jetter head to insure roots are eliminated. When I use the camera I can verify that I have done an awesome job for our customer.


It can truly be difficult to diagnose a drain issue, that is why equipment like this is necessary. If you have any questions or need assistance please don’t hesitate to contact your local Salt Lake City Plumber.

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