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3 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Cleaner, or Why You Should Hire an Insured Cleaning Service

166252440You’ve decided you have more house than you have time for, or you just want the luxury of coming home to a spotless space. Hiring a cleaning service makes your job easier, but there are at least three things to check for before hiring help.

First think about this – the person you hire will be inside your home. Your personal space. And they will likely be there alone at some point. They may even have a house key or garage code. There is a lot that could go wrong with this scenario, and you need to know whom you can trust.

Insured cleaning companies are usually more reliable and legitimate. In order to be insured, a company has to provide all their information. It’s expensive and a big commitment. That alone will tell you they are serious about their business.

3 Important Questions to Consider

Do they have auto insurance? This is important because the cleaner is going to drive their own vehicle and there’s always a chance they will hit something on your property. Not likely, but don’t overlook this. All it takes is a simple question to find out.

Do they have general liability insurance? This type of insurance covers any lost items or damage to your property.  Cleaners will move items in your house to dust or vacuum and sometimes things get broken. If that happens, their liability insurance will pay you for the cost of the damaged item.

General liability insurance will also protect you if anything is stolen. Of course you will have to prove the person stole it, but without this insurance you’ll be dealing with the cleaning company on your own. If you hire someone who is insured then you have a lot more protection.

Do they have worker’s compensation? This can be the scariest one. If the worker is injured on your property, you might sued for medical care or loss of wages. Worker’s compensation will protect you against a lawsuit. Some companies might tell you the state doesn’t require them to have worker’s compensation. However, just because it’s not required doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have it.

By asking these three questions you will get not only a clean house, but also peace of mind knowing you are protected. It’s definitely worth the extra effort.

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